Friday, October 06, 2006

30 minute piano tuning

What would piano tuners and technicians say if we told them about our 30 minute piano tuning?

Everyone would certainly be wondering how it's done.
Some would question the quality and some would want to learn more

The truth is that this tested method is actually better for the pinblock and the health of your piano.

Mikhail Feygin, the founder of Amadeus Piano Co., Inc. has created this technique to help protect the pinblock and have a long-lasting tuning and stronger tuning pins for years.
By design, the tuning pin with very fine threading, is hammered into the pinblock like a nail. Each time the piano tuner turns the tuning pin, it weakens the grip of the wood around it. If your piano tuner takes too long to tune the piano, and keeps turning the pin past the pitch too many times, or takes too many strokes to adjust and settle the tuning pin, that piano tuner is taking years off the life of your pinblock. And to fix or replace the pinblock is lots of money, not to mention that just to get to it, you've got to remove all strings, tuning pins, and lift the cast iron plate out of the instrument. It's a much better idea to service the piano correctly by professionals.
The principle of this technique is that the technician and piano tuner does not keep turning the pin back and forth each time the piano is tuned. This will greatly help the loosening of the tuning pins in the pinblock. -The technique is based on minimization of wasted motion, and a diagonal motion of the tuning pin to raise pitch and settle the tuning pin, rather than turning the pin past the mark and then turning back the tuning hammer to match the pitch, actually reinforcing the tuning pin in the wood and allowing for a long-lasting precise tuning.

This method really increased performance of our technicians. We perform on average from 8 to 12 tunings per day. The more pianos a piano tuner tunes in a day, the sharper his ear and the easier it gets to tune the next piano. -After about the 5th or 6th, it really gets easy. The hands know exactly what to do, and they follow the ear smoother each time. There is no physical strain with this method and piano tuning is quick and fun.

Piano Dealers have been sending us some of their technicians for retraining, and the word apparently spread, since independent piano tuners have asked us to train them. We have an example of this work already performed, a piano tuning of A Steinway Grand Piano. It's available for $19.99 including shipping.
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